anything is possible when you shoot for the stars...

Terri Melkonian’s passion for filmmaking has spanned 20 years with extensive experience encompassing producing, managing film and television production at NBC/Universal for 10 years, and as Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Sunset Gower Studios. In 2011, Ms. Melkonian left the studio side to focus on building a premiere entertainment company providing a creative alcove for top filmmakers while developing and producing quality and marketable entertainment for a global audience. She joined the exclusive Producers Guild of America, opened offices at Paramount Studios, and formed TERRIMEL Entertainment.

TERRIMEL Entertainment’s slate of films includes the action-packed drama Clean, filming in the exotic locales of Mumbai and London and co-produced with Harbor Light Entertainment. This high octane thriller is about an ex U.S. soldier-turned-commando who hatches an international money laundering scheme as a way to hunt down and kill the ruthless Russian arms dealer responsible for killing his brother.

The company slate also includes an inspiring coming of age drama, Every Second Counts, which is based on a true story about a highly gifted athlete and academic Oxford University student who is headed for great success until the sudden discovery of a fatal heart condition, to be

co-produced with CK Films LTD; and an uplifting sports movie, Lockport, which takes place in a small New York town where hockey is the heart and soul of everyone, especially 17 year old high school sensation Steven Dockery who is predicted to follow his late father’s footsteps and be the next NHL star. Recently added to the slate is an edge-of-your-seat suspense thriller titled White Grizzly about a dangerous hunt for a vicious hybrid Grizzly/Polar Bear roaming in a small Alaskan town, to be helmed by world known action director Ryuhei Kitamura from Japan, and the documentary Epic Denied: Depriving "The Forty Days of Musa Dagh", which examines the historic controversy surrounding Franz Werfel's best-selling novel, optioned repeatedly by the biggest Hollywood studios to be turned into an epic motion picture only to be repeatedly shut down by the U.S. Government due to international political pressure. Also on the company’s slate are three family entertainment 3D animated films – one of which is about a loveable sea animal named Ollie The Otter, co-produced with Critter Pix and their talented team of animation film writers and artists whose credits include Lion King, Monsters Inc., Shrek, Rugrats in Paris, and Finding Nemo. TERRIMEL Entertainment has many additional projects in development in the Action, Thriller and Romantic Comedy genres.

Terri Melkonian