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We offer high-end print and digital media marketing campaigns for Film and Television industries.

Our marketing strategies command campaigns which engage, entice, and capture desired target audiences. We offer creative campaigns, innovative design, website optimization, and research/management of data. We establish branding, secure existing and prospective target audiences, create demand, and generate sales. We have web designers, programmers, SEO and analytics experts, app designers, game and contest architects, video producers, editors, copy writers, bloggers, and social community managers. Our campaigns are interactive and engaging. We incorporate contests, rewards, storytelling to develop a multiple platform fan base for our clients.

SEO/SEM: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to increase direct and relevant traffic to your site. We put your film in the #1 slot of the first results page of the keyword queried by your target market.

Analytical Diagnostics: Tracking your marketing dollars provides insight into the performance of your marketing initiatives. We adapt, improve, and modify marketing efforts. We take your vision, goals, opportunities and initiatives and translate them into quantitative benchmarks in order to maximize the benefit of your marketing investments.

Video Production: We create/capture back stories of your project.

Our team members are from the industry and merge their knowledge of filmmaking and marketing with the latest in cutting-edge technologies to create multi media campaigns that make an immediate impact on box office numbers and overall sales.

Team: Our team includes a Creative Director, an Art Director, Graphic Designers, SEO and SEM Specialists, an Analytics Engineer, Digital Media and DVD Content Producers, Gaming and App Creators, Website Designers, Programmers, Coders, Community Managers, Post Production Artists, Editors, and Writers. Our curatives live and breath design and marketing and our techs love being called Nerds.

Multi Media Campaigns: We offer customized social media and print media marketing campaigns for your film or TV show, amplifying your potential for success in the marketplace.