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The death of two college students in the Kenai Mountains of Alaska trigger the dangerous hunt for a vicious hybrid Grizzly/Polar Bear. This oversized rogue man-eater is strategically hunting down humans and the town of Seward’s only hope is the unlikely NY transplant, Chief of Police Orson Kane, a young female scientist with a tragic past (Dr. Samantha Thorne) and an Inuit hunter hungry for revenge.

Orson Kane is the Chief of Police in the small Alaskan town of Seward. Divorced, Orson has relocated with his young son Will, who blames Orson for the breakup of his family and is determined to reunite them. Seward is a sleepy, virtually crime free town, until one evening, when two college students are viciously killed in the neighboring Kenai Mountains – Orson’s jurisdiction.

The medical examiner suspects a bear, however, the degree of carnage suggests an animal that is far more vicious than anything Seward has ever encountered.

Orson repeatedly implores the mayor to institute precautions; instead the mayor saddles him with a mysterious Inuit hunter named Moses Anawak and a couple of deputies to contain the unsubstantiated threat. When three more victims horrifically fall prey to the killer animal, Orson is intent on destroying it, but must contend with both Dr. Thorne's misguided ideals of preserving the animal and Anawak's crazed obsession with killing the creature all by himself.

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White Grizzly

To avenge his brother’s death, an ex-U.S. soldier hatches an international money laundering scheme as a way to hunt down and kill the Russian arms dealer responsible.

Gun-for-hire MARCUS O’NEILL along with fellow commandos AARON KING, THOMAS SWANSON, and Marcus’ younger brother CARTER are on a mission to deliver a payment for the CIA to a regional governor in the mountains of Pakistan. But when former Russian military turned global arms dealer ANTON GOGOL unexpectedly arrives at the scene, things go horribly wrong. MARCUS and his crew blow up a shipment of illegal arms, but amongst the chaos and gunfire, KING disappears, while an injured MARCUS narrowly escapes with THOMAS after witnessing the murder of CARTER at the hands of GOGOL. After regrouping, they would need help pulling GOGOL out of the shadows…

Enter LASHA MAYA, a gorgeous Indian banker at the UK branch of the Bank of India, where GOGOL keeps much of his illegal cash. Over the next 2 years, MARCUS slowly enlists LASHA to help him, THOMAS and a young genius RAJIV steal a $90 million cash shipment from GOGOL so they can force him to find them and MARCUS can complete his plan for revenge.

Like the ITALIAN JOB before it, CLEAN offers a clever and exciting take on the revenge/action/espionage genre. The multi-ethnic characters have great chemistry, the action is dangerously intense and the turn of events is unpredictable. The story will take viewers to beautiful locations around the globe- from the mountains of PAKISTAN to the US and UK, and ultimately to INDIA. This story has all of the ingredients to keep an audience engaged at the edge of their seat!


This inspirational and true life story is about an extremely gifted young man - a genius Oxford student who, with his natural athleticism, is being scouting by the pros for his extraordinary football (soccer) playing skills.

We follow Hiro from being a gifted young teenager with the world at his feet to a young man, soon to graduate from a prestigious university, with golden opportunities at his doorstep. Suddenly, his perfect world begins to crumble as he discovers he has a potentially fatal heart ailment, affecting 1 in 500,000 people, and he struggles to come to terms with this life-threatening condition and the sheer determination he has in order to keep his ailment from hindering his high aspirations.

His academic prowess and gifted football skills quickly gain him notoriety, earning him a place at Oxford University and trials at West ham football club. He initially denies his condition, avoiding

doctors’ appointments and shrouding this area of his life to even his closest friends. As his condition worsens, it becomes increasingly difficult for him to hide this ’weakness’ or flaw in his otherwise seemingly perfect life.

Hiro finds a confidant in Robert, one of the deans at the university. Through Robert, Hiro is able to express his deepest concerns and a truly wonderful friendship develops. With this missing rock now in his life, Hiro is able to confront his condition and move forward, knowing he has one person he can truly rely upon- and now able to achieve what no one thought was possible. This experience and life journey profoundly affects him, leading him to live by the mantra, ‘every second counts’. A poignant message as his condition can take his life at any moment; such optimism in the face of such a morbid reality is testament to his drive for success, all at the tender age of 19.

Every Second Counts

The charismatic and determined sea otter, OLLIE, must brave the mightiest of obstacles to save his local otter population and overcome the guilt of losing his father.

Ollie the Otter, in 3D, is a Finding Nemo or Lion King type story in which we journey with sea otters rather than fish or lions. It weaves an environmental thread like Happy Feet, as Ollie must save his family from natural and human threats, all the while charming us with fun.

The wonderful life of a family of sea otters is imperilled by a self-absorbed killer whale named Skull and two illegal kelp harvesters—Sushi Sam (a psychotic chef) and Henry Hamhocks—who plunder the eco-system and fight hard for their lunch. To avoid being eaten by Skull and to save his pal, the Baked Halibut, Ollie escapes into the harvester’s kelp-sucking hose. Ollie ends up at the Sea Park, to be rehabilitated back into the wild.

But the clock is ticking against Ollie’s family—everyday the kelp beds are reduced there is less protection from Skull.

Ollie’s family is under the false impression that Skull is dead. Only Ollie knows the truth—that Skull is very much alive—and that the rogue whale plans to eat them as soon as all of the kelp is gone. Ollie must find a way to escape back to the wild to warn his family. Ollie befriends a colorful cast of animal characters at the Sea Park—Fandango the seal, Bingo the bird, and some other misfits who make the brave choice to escape their domestic environment amidst some crazy hijinks. Ollie and his friends are outmuscled and outgunned in their otter odyssey to save Ollie’s family from Skull, Hamhocks and Sushi Sam. Ollie makes courageous choices in the face of extreme adversity – an important message that will surely resonate well not only with children, but an audience of all ages.

Ollie The Otter

In the spirit of THE BLIND SIDE and WE ARE MARSHALL, a young up-and-coming ice hockey natural, whose father was an NHL legend, must confront his past and overcome his fears while the fate of a small town's hopes and dreams hangs in the balance.

Lockport is a coming-of-age film that takes place in the small blue collar town it’s named after, just north of Buffalo, New York, where hockey is king. It's the story of 18-year-old Steve “Doc” Dockery, an incredible hockey player predicted to go pro straight out of high school. But when his parents are killed in a car accident outside of Boston, Doc is forced to move to Lockport to live with his Uncle Joe. Everyone in town knows Doc's father was an NHL superstar, and everyone expects Doc to take them to a state championship—their first in 30 years. The pressure is on. But where the people of Lockport see Doc as a godsend, his new teammates see him as an outsider and a show-off, and he has trouble connecting with them.

Friendless, fatherless, Doc braves a friendship with Edie Downs, the quirky, reclusive woman across the street who has her own troubled history with this town...and his life will never be the same again.

As talented as he is, and as much as he loves hockey, Doc has another ambition: driven by the untimely death of his parents, Doc wants to become a doctor and save lives. As the elusive state championship approaches, he will have to make a choice between two great dreams. Which means: his greatest goal may not be scored on the ice.

Both a compelling coming-of-age story and an edge-of-your-seat sports film rated PG or PG-13, Lockport will target families and young males, but will be compelling entertainment for all ages, especially sports fans.


This is modern day twist on the James Bond 007 genre: EXCEPT the hero is a 19 year old girl! Wholesome and sweet, yes, but no ordinary girl. This is ZOYA SUPER SPY.

Tone: Like Dorothy in THE WIZARD OF OZ, wanting to return to Kansas, “There’s no place like home,” Albuquerque is safety and “all things

The world of ZOYA SUPER SPY, although homey, is full of intrigue, color, and wild imagination: a chase is not just a chase, but a chase to end all chases. To bring children, parents and teachers around the world into an immersive experience of way past cool, our movie will be cg animated and 3D stereographic.

The movie opens in a top secret super spy program in the coldest, most remote forested area of Russia, where Zoya is to become a super spy and unfortunately, to do the evil work of a fanatical billionaire: Sergei Wolfschtav. We see that Zoya is an exceptional child with incredible skills; because of the technology embedded into her body since birth, she has mastered all languages, fighting styles, and scientific knowhow. Zoya is half Russian, half American, and mentored by her Russian grandfather – both held captive by the bad man, Wolfschtav. Then, in a dramatic movie opening worthy of the 007 James Bond genre, Zoya escapes with the help of American forces.

Setting: The story then shifts locations to Albuquerque, New Mexico. But like all the 007 movies, this action-adventure takes us to many countries and amazing never-seenbefore sets will appeal to a world wide audience. A world wide audience ought to appreciate and even be proud of Zoya!

Zoya Super Spy

EPIC DENIED: Depriving “The Forty Days of Musa Dagh” is a documentary that examines the controversy behind Hollywood’s multiple attempts to produce an epic movie based on Franz Werfel’s bestseller, The Forty Days of Musa Dagh. Undertaken by veteran producer Irving Thalberg and MGM in the 1930s to unknown millionaire John Kurkjian in the 1980s, the project faced enormous foreign intervention and blackmail, preventing it from reaching the silver screen.

The Forty Days of Musa Dagh, tells the heroic story of 5,000 Armenians in the highlands of Musa Dagh (Mountain of Moses) in 1915, who chose to defend themselves rather than give in to the demands of the Ottoman Turkish government to “relocate” to the Syrian desert. Werfel’s powerful novel became an instant hit in Europe and the United States. In 1934, MGM purchased the rights to make it into a motion picture. Soon afterwards, the Turkish government started a campaign of

protests and threats, applying enormous pressure on the U.S. State Department to influence the Hays Office (Hollywood's censor bureau) to pressure MGM to cancel the production. This was just the beginning of what Variety would one day call “the most on-again off-again motion picture production in Hollywood history”.

"The novel [The Forty Days of Musa Dagh] is a masterpiece, both imaginative and historic… Written before the coming of Hitler, this novel seems to foretell the future. How did Franz Werfel know the vocabulary and the mechanism of the Holocaust before Holocaust? The novel is precisely about this memory." Elie Wiesel, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

Epic Denied